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As a company we established at year 1995. We mainly concantrate on Ladies Wear Fabric for blouse & Dress weight. At year 2014 ;we did new invesment at our factory regarding PU Coated fabrics that can be us efor Outwear & Medical products.Our items has got technical specifications like being Breathtable , Waterproof ; & washable(min 50 times) .Our coating system is transfer coating which was apporoved by all medical brands.
For medical i we can proceed fabrics for Mask ; bad sheet & Protective Suit.Due to big demands we received at the moment due to Corona Virus ; we mainly concantrate on Protective Suit that you can use espicially at Intensive Care division at hospitals.
The speciality of our product is not for 1 time use.Normally that sorth of items has been proceed with coating on non woven fabrics & used for 1 time.We do proceed coating on 100%Polyester fabric & can give guarantie to end user min 50 times wash w/90 degrees.
For incase sending you on attached test results of our fabrics that we made at Sgs International Test Laboratuary. You can follow “ref.-b “ on test report for seeing the performance of our fabric.
Plss. Find technical details of our products as follows:

  • Composition :70% Polyester- 30% Polyurethan
  • Width (Usable) : 140 cm
  • Weight of the fabric: 140 gr/m2
  • Test Results: We make our products test at International Laborotory calls SGS.Standarts that we used is EN-14126.. If you like I can send you the test results tomorrow.This product is safe to use at EU.Regarding certification at the moment we can not give any certification.We already applied for that which will be finalise in next 3 weeks period. Only document we can offer is going to be test result of our production which is from Acredite Laboratuary for all around the World (SGS Test Laboratuary) at the moment.
  • Min Order Quantiy: 3.000 mts. Per color .We can proceed any color you will like.
  • Our Lead time: 3 weeks ex mill after order confirmation



Antibakteriyel Medikal Kumaş


Nefes Alabilen, Suya Dayanıklı, Antibakteriyel, Antiviral, Yıkanabilir

Tüm yeterlilik sertifikalarımız

  • Fabric Certificate EKO-TEX

  • СЕ Certificate For The Suit
  • Test Report for Taped Seams From Ministry of Defence

  • Test Report For Fabric After 10 Times Washing From Ministry of Defence

  • Test Report For Fabric After 10 Times Washing From Ministry of Defence

  • Certificate For The Threads

  • SA8000 Certificate

  • Test Report For Fabric From Ministry of Defence

  • ISO 811:2018

Nefes alabilir, Suya dayanıklı, Antibakteriyel Kumaşlar

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The masks are disposable masks, made from three layers of non woven filter fabric. The fabric is 100% Polypropylene filter, hydrophobic non woven, 30gr/m2. They meet Type IIR protection according to standard EN 14683:2019+AC.

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