Last week I attended in London the London Textile Fair 2016. This fair is one of the biggest textile fairs in London. There were more than 400 exhibitors from all over the world. Apparently, to have an stand in the fair is via “lottery”, so as an exhibitor you have the possibility of having a better position depending on the number of this lottery. The fair was situated close to Angel station, one of the most centric areas of London.



It was a perfect sunny day, something not that common in London, but I was lucky! My idea was to get as much inspiration as I could because in this fair there were a lot of fabrics and complements, and it was easy to visualize whatever idea you might have in mind just by looking at the fabric.  There was a section of accessories, and you could find there all kind of buttons, zippers, trims and everything that you can imagine.



There were fabrics from Turkey, Portugal, Italy…There were also exhibitors for printing design and also for vintage clothing. Among the vintage clothing you could find dresses from the early 20’s or 50’s in the better conditions. So, for me it was a good way of getting to know the textile sector and be aware of the fabrics that are now in the market.





Besides, I could find out which are going to be the next AW17/18 trends according to patternbank.com, as for example 70’s Glam, the opulence in the adorns and decoration, the wilderness regarding textures and materials, and also the merge of nature and technology. So, safe the date for the next textile Fair: 11th and 12th of January 2017. You can’t miss this fair if you are planning to work on your own fashion brand. Have a wonderful day!











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